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Zaproszenie na międzynarodową konferencję pt.: "The heritage of Central and Eastern Europe"

loga partnerów konferencji

Institute of European Studies at the Faculty of International and Political Studies (Jagiellonian University) invites you to the conference

The heritage of Central and Eastern Europe

The aim of the conference is to focus on the heritage of Central and Eastern Europe because of the uniqueness of this region, as T. Stryjek writes, "lies in the fact that it creates exceptional conditions for showing the multicultural and transnational dimension of the past". The purpose is to take into consideration what the heritage of Central and Eastern Europe really is and whether it differs from the heritage of Western Europe, to what extent the heritage of Central and Eastern Europe is at the same time European heritage, or how it shapes it. The researchers take to attempt to answer the question of whether one should talk about Central or Centra-Eastern Europe. They present the result of their study concerning the cultural, religious, political, and ideological narratives that shaped the common heritage and identity of Central (Eastern) Europe. The aim of the multidisciplinary conference is as well the promotion of European values and heritage in Central and Eastern Europe.

Referring to the conference motto: nihil novi sine communi consensu, it was decided that researchers who take part in the conference represent solely Central and Eastern European countries, cities, universities, and research.


Organizing Committee:

dr hab. Kinga Anna Gajda


Partners: Metropolitan University Prague

Media partner: College of Eastern Europe


The conference is supported by the Jagiellonian University Excellence Initiative-Research University.

Link dostępu online do konferencji.

Download files
Programme of the conference
plakat z informacjami o dacie i godzinie konferencji, pod spodem mapa części Europy i loga partnerów