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Erasmus Student Network

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is an international student exchange organization that facilitates student mobility and encourages students to study abroad. It is a great programme for IES students to take advantage of because it now allows non-EU citizens to apply. It is a great way to gain international experience, spice up your resume, do relevant research for your MA thesis and learn a new culture and language.

IES also is excited to welcome Incoming ESN Students into our classes. Below you will find requirements and guidelines for studying as an Erasmus student at IES. In the "See Also" column, a timetable of classes taught in English is available.

The Erasmus code for the Jagiellonian University is PL KRAKOW01.


Erasmus/Socrates and other international exchange students may register for IES MA courses (which can only be taken for credit, not audited) providing that:

  • There is sufficient space and not been filled to capacity by IES students, who have priority,
  • They undertake to actively participate in class and complete the required coursework, readings and preparation, as prescribed in the course syllabus,
  • They have a sufficiently high level of English to participate fully in class. Students whose English is considered inadequate by the instructor will be denied a place.



Students should initially go to classes which they would like to attend. Students must register online at USOS web, using their university login and password provided by the International Students Office. 

Students who wish to withdraw from a course in which they are enrolled must do so online at USOS web and in person at the IES office.

Students who are not given a place should check the course registration list in the USOS system to see whether any places become free before the above deadline for withdrawal. If a place becomes available they may request to register for the course in person at the IES office.

In order to register, please follow these steps:

  • Log into your USOS account.
  • Choose ‘Directory’ from the top panel.
  • Insert the name of the course into the ‘Courses’ browser and click on ‘Search’.
  • On the right side next to the name of the course you can see several icons, including a little black-and-red shopping cart.
  • Registration to the course is possible if the cart has a green arrow. You can register by clicking on the cart. 
  • If the cart has a yellow arrow it means that you are already registered to the course. Click on the cart in order to deregister.
  • If the cart is inactive it means that you cannot register to the course.
  • In each case, above the cart you can see a colourful bar indicating how many posts are currently available for the class (green – many posts available, red – no posts available).
  • After clicking on the cart with a green arrow you should receive a confirmation of successful registration (green box with a tick). As the last step, the system will ask you to link the course to your study programme. Failing to link the course will result in de-registration.


IES students may also take advantage of the Erasmus Student Network programme, regardless of citizenship.

Application Requirements:

  1. Online Application
  2. Motivation letter, detailing information about the student's top 3 University choices, at which he/she would like to study and reasons for which the Erasmus programme will be academically beneficial for the student,
  3. Proof of language proficiency in the language of instruction at the University,
  4. Transcript,
  5. Resume, or CV,
  6. Other documents demonstrating the student's academic abillity and acheivements, if applicable and pertinent.

The application must be submitted (in person) in a folder labelled with the student's name and contact information to the Administrative Office (room 2.12) at the Institute of European Studies in Przegorzały or directly to the programme coordinator.

Please label the folder in the following manner:

Name: John Smith
Institute: European Studies
1st choice school
2nd choice school
3rd choice school
Semester/Year of Study on Erasmus

For a list of Universities within the network, click here.

Interested IES students should contact the programme coordinator for more information.