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The Heritage of Central and Eastern Europe, red. Kinga Anna Gajda, Peter Lang, Berlin 2023

<span lang="en">The Heritage of Central and Eastern Europe</span>, red.  Kinga Anna Gajda, Peter Lang, Berlin 2023

​The monograph explores the heritage of Central and Eastern Europe, which is particularly important nowadays in the era of globalization, on the one hand, and nationalism, on the other, and the war on the third hand. It can indicate ways to "face" the challenges Europe is currently facing.

The research on the heritage issue aims to foster a greater understanding of the various mechanisms of today’s social and political decision-making. This publication is the result of the work of a team of scholars whose research explores the subject of the heritage and who represent countries and cultures belonging to the region. This is, therefore, research done from within according to the Latin principle: "Nihil novi nisi commune con sensu" (Nothing new without the common consent). The publication allows defining terms and shows the distinctive features of the culture and value system characteristic of Central and Eastern Europe. It deals with issues related to the commemoration of the region’s heritage and the issue of what is excluded from the heritage, what is forgotten, and what is overlooked.

  • Kinga Anna Gajda, Introduction  
  • Ladislav Cabada, Heritage and Identity of Central and Eastern Europe - definition and identification attempt  
  • Kinga Anna Gajda, Eastern Europe as a Community of Values  
  • Jan Květina, Liberty of Republic as Central European Inheritance? The Political Debates over True Freedom in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth   
  • Christoph Meißner and Jörg Morré, Performing the Victory and ‘Liberation’ --Soviet War Memorials in the Capitals of Central and Eastern Europe  
  • Petr Körfer, Among Homo Sovieticus, “Jammerossi” and Counter-Cosmopolitan: Transformations in East German Ostalgia  
  • Piotr Michałowski, Lost & Found – The Case of Adopted Post-Industrial German Heritage in the Post-War Poland. Towards New Cultural Functions and Social Participation  
  • Andrea Schmidt, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past” Historical Narrative and Nation Building in Hungary  
  • Francesco Trupia, Between Resistance and State Violence: The Co-Belonging and Non-Exclusivity of the Pomak Heritage 
  • Marcin Galent, The Republic of Tarnobrzeg - heritage non grata  
  • Krzysztof Koźbiał, The Central European Legacy of the House of Liechtenstein  
  • Bożena Gierat-Bieroń, Kinga Anna Gajda, The “Easternisation” of History and Memory 

Publikacja jest wynikiem grantu z IDUJ WSMiP UJ realizowanego przez prof. Gajdę. Jej wydanie zostało sfinansowane przez Wydział Studiów Międzynarodowych i Politycznych UJ w ramach Strategicznego Programu Inicjatywy Doskonałości Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego.