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Ethical Principles of our Institute

The Institute of European Studies of the Jagiellonian University conducts teaching and research in accordance with the highest methodological standards of social sciences and humanities. Our ultimate goal, as stated in the Statute, is the search for truth. In our actions, we are also guided by the basic values, principles, and norms shaped by the centuries-old tradition of the Jagiellonian University. These are enshrined in the Academic Code of Values of the Jagiellonian University: truth, responsibility, kindness, justice, reliability, tolerance, loyalty, independence, honesty and dignity.
The mission of the Faculty’s Research Ethics Committee is to ensure that the staff, associates and students of our institution can conduct their scientific and research activities in accordance with the highest ethical standards, good practices recognized by the academic community, and in a manner consistent with applicable legal norms and principles of scientific practice.
Plus ratio quam vis!