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All individuals employed at the Institute of European Studies, as well as students and doctoral candidates who conduct research involving the direct participation of other people and/or involving the collection, storage and processing of personal data, must apply to the Faculty Research Ethics Committee before beginning such research.
The application must be submitted at least four to six weeks before the research is due to start. A complete application for an ethical opinion should include: a correctly completed application form and, depending on the content of the application, three annexes:
  • Annex 1: describing background information about the research for respondents;
  • Annex 2: respondent’s informed consent form for participation in the research;
  • Annex 3: respondent’s consent form for data processing. 
The completed application form should be both printed out and saved electronically. 
  • A printed version should be submitted to the Head of the Dean’s Office at the Faculty of International and Political Studies, room 230 at ul. Reymonta 4.
  • An electronic version should be sent by email to the Committee’s Secretary, Dr Wiktor Hebda:
Applications qualified for the simplified procedure will be assessed within 20 working days, those qualified for the ordinary procedure within 30 working days.
Do not hesitate to seek advice on ethics matters from your supervisors and peers.
Note: It is an ethics violation to initiate research prior to obtaining an opinion. Due to the fact that completing the application requires the preparation of a complete set of information on the planned research, including a detailed description of the instruments, methodology, and relevant context, we suggest you start planning and submit your application as early as possible.
We recommend that people who must also get the approval of another ethics committee (for example due to conducting their research in an international consortium) should complete that procedure first and then submit that approval together with their Faculty application. In most cases, this will qualify the application for the faster, simplified procedure at our Faculty Research Ethics Committee.