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The necessity to apply to the Commission for an opinion concerns persons employed at the Institute of European Studies, students and doctoral students who conduct research involving the direct participation of other people and / or involving the collection, storage and processing of personal data. In this case, you must complete the electronic application form for the opinion of the Commission.

The commission may issue a positive or negative opinion, or it may suspend the opinion pending the corroborated application. It has 30 days to do so. For details and decision-making criteria, see the Commission Statute.

Note: It is an ethical violation to initiate research prior to obtaining the opinion. Due to the fact that completing the application requires the preparation of a complete set of information on the planned research, including a very detailed description of the tools, methodology and all relevant circumstances, we suggest you submit the application 5-6 weeks before the planned start of the research.

The Commission is also considering requests for a justified waiver from the legal obligation to provide the collected data and research metadata to the JU repository. In this case, please contact the secretary of the Commission by e-mail.

A simplified procedure is used for people who have already obtained the approval of another ethics committee (for example due to research in an international consortium) - but for this purpose, an electronic application form must also be completed. The prerequisite for a simplified procedure is that the research project is not modified.

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