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Assistant Professor

PhD Katarzyna Jagodzińska

PhD Katarzyna Jagodzińska

Contact details

position: Assistant Professor

Office hours: room 528, Thursday 13:00-13:45, Friday 13:00-13:45.

Assistant Professor at the Institute of European Studies and editor of the architectural monthly Architektura & Biznes. For many years she worked at the International Cultural Centre (2005–2020). An art historian and specialist in the field of social communication, she specialises in museum studies and cultural heritage. Currently working on the research project “Participation and the Post-Museum” and the “Atlas of Museum Participation” as part of a scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2020). Recipient of a scholarship of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding young scientists for 2020–2023. Author of four books, including Museums and Centres of Contemporary Art in Central Europe (Routledge, 2020). Fellow at the Australian Institute of Art History, University of Melbourne (2014/2015) and the University of Cambridge (2013). Member of OCOM International Council of Museums.

The most important publications

K. Jagodzińska, Museums and Centers of Contemporary Art in Central Europe after 1989, Routledge, London 2020. p. 273.

K. Jagodzińska, M. Tutak, “Responsibility of Museums Towards Landscape: Discussion Based on Case Studies from Katowice, Kraków, and Warsaw”, Prace Etnograficzne (Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego) 2020, no 49 (2), pp. 141-158.

K. Jagodzińska, Nowe miejsca nowej sztuki w Europie Środkowej, Universitas, Warszawa-Kraków 2019, p. 293.

K. Jagodzińska, “Do the Buildings Really Matter? Czech, Polish and Slovak Museums and Centres of Contemporary Art in Adapted Buildings”, Central Europe 2018, no 16 (2), pp. 112-133.

K. Jagodzińska, “Muzea poza murami w kontekście koncepcji trzeciego miejsca”, Muzealnictwo 2018, no 59, pp. 123-131.

K. Jagodzińska, “From a visitor to participant. Strategies for participation in museums”, Zarządzanie w kulturze 2017, no 18 (1), pp. 75-93.

K. Jagodzińska, Art Museums in Australia, Jagiellonian University Press, Kraków 2017, p. 291.

K. Jagodzińska, “Granice partycypacji w muzeum”, Muzealnictwo 2016, no 57, pp. 112-121.

K. Jagodzińska, Czas muzeów w Europie Środkowej. Muzea i centra sztuki współczesnej (1989–2014), ICC, Kraków 2014, p. 599.

K. Jagodzińska, J. Purchla, J. Sanetra-Szeliga, C. Thys, A. Vandesande, K. Van Balen, S. Van der Auwera, Cultural Heritage Counts for Europe, ICC (International Cultural Centre on behalf CHCFE Consortium) Kraków 2015, p. 295.  


Cultural Heritage as a Source of Societal Well-being in European Regions – ESPON HERIWELL, 2020-2022. Member of research team.

Atlas muzealnej partycypacji, [Atlas of Museum Participation], scholarship of Minister of Culture and National Heritage, 2020-2021. Project manager.

The Phenomenon of a Cross-Cultural Art Museum, The Group of Eight, University of Melbourne, 2014-2015. Project manager.

Cultural Heritage Counts for Europe, European Commission, 2013-2015. Member of research team.  

Regenerative Function of Museums in Great Britain and Poland, Grant Clifford and Mary Corbridge Trust, 2013-2013. Project manager.